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Hobby for the month of March 2012

Zaubershow – Magic:
Noun: The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. The exercise of sleight of hand or conjuring for entertainment.
Do you want to organize a seminar or a magic course for your employees? Are you looking for an entertainer? – Then you enter into the wondrous world of magic, where the laws of nature are no longer binding, the impossible becomes possible and the limits of what can be passed … – Be enchanted by Dean Magic, the magician and mentalist with charm and class.

Hobby for the month of February 2012

The month of February is much associated with Valentines Day, and therefore we are promoting the hobby of the month to couples who do sailing. More information is contained in the Hobbies for Couples page.
Relaxation is a key element to sailing, as well as being an excellent fitness hobby to be involved in. While it still remains a very competitive sport, a lot of hobbists enjoy it as a form of recreation, while still having the challenge of hangling the sails the hull of the boat, dictating direction while having fun on the waves.

If you want to start learning how to sail, you’ll be happy to know that this can be fairly simple and won’t cost you a pirates bounty! There are numerous sailing clubs and associations more than willing to offer educational programs while learning to remain safe.


Hobby for the month of January 2012

The new Hobie Mirage is a two person, quick and fun filled multisport boat. Based on the Tandem Island, the Mirage is made up of two pieces to allow for quick assembly / disassembly, with the added benefit of being constructed from lightweight carbon fibre.

Hobby for the month of December 2011

The Hobie Sailboat guarantees a unique experience of sailing solo or with friends/family or a group, allowing participants to enjoy the waves in this agile and quick sailboat. Without a doubt, the Hobie offers a fantastic experience while having the great stability and carrying capacity.

One such Hobie craft is called the “Wave”, which is very quick across the water, while offering an exhilarating experience. The Wave is easy and is assembled in no time, with its roto-molded polyethylene structure, it makes the Wave lightweight and durable, while still measuring 13 foot.